Weight Loss Starts In Your Mind

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weight-loss-starts-in-mindWe do everything to lose weight. We get into some kind of exercise routine and even invest in a weight loss program. I know some folks totally change their lifestyle to lose a couple of pounds. They stop eating meat and deprive themselves of the right of food for their body. It’s amazing how we resort to doing all sorts of things to lose weight.

But there’s one thing that we often forget in our serious attempt to lose weight. We resort to all kinds of external weight loss systems forgetting that we have the most effective system in our mind.

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Everybody Wants To Lose Weight
Most of us are motivated to lose weight so that we can look good and strut around in a new bikini for the summer. I also know of some women that want to look good to vindicate themselves in a failed relationship. There are so many reasons why we all want to lose weight. That’s why almost everybody wants to lose weight. Related read: Bistro MD is the stress-free way to weight loss

The Right Mindset To Weight Loss
Not everybody is able to lose all the weight. Maybe some were able to lose weight only to end up gaining it all back. It’s a fact that almost everybody struggles with weight loss.

With so many of us struggling to lose weight and to keep it off, there’s one thing that we all fail to do. That one thing is to have the right mindset for weight loss. According to Dr. Pamela Peeke, we need to work on our mind so that we can successfully lose weight.

She shares some helpful ways for us to have the right mindset for a safe and healthy weight loss.

Set A Goal And Create A Picture
This is one of the basic exercises of personal development. It’s not enough to set the goal. We need to see ourselves there. How many of us get right into a weight loss program without seeing ourselves succeed in it? I know for a fact that some people even get into a weight loss program with reluctance and apprehension. To shape our mind for weight loss, we need to see ourselves succeed in it.

Set Healthy Expectations
We need to set healthy expectations. While we can fantasize about the perfect body, we also need to take care of our health. This is not to say that it’s impossible to have the perfect body. It is possible! But we need to set expectations that can get us to reach the goal in good health. Related read: Diet-To-Go delivers healthy diet meals for weight loss

Learn To Deal With Negative Thoughts
Often times when we are on a diet, friends and even family members will tempt us to eat more than we should. And if we don’t eat what they offer us, we usually feel guilty for not pleasing them. Guilt feelings are negative thoughts. We should learn to address them.

Find A Support System
To stay on track, we should find a good support system. The various diet delivery programs have reliable support systems that can really hep us stay on track. The right support system can also help us address the negative thoughts that can hinder us from attaining our goal.

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Stay Focused
The mind is a wonderful thing. We can mold it in any way we want. So why not mold it in a way that we can focus on our weight loss result. Staying focused takes practice but apparently, it’s not hard to do. One thing for sure, it will give us the right mindset to stay on track and to finally lose all the weight.


5 thoughts on “Weight Loss Starts In Your Mind

  1. I totally agree with you. The mind is very powerful. It can really help in the whole weight loss process. Dieting is not just about limiting our calorie intake. It’s also about empowering our mind to keep our body healthy.

  2. The right mindset! I never thought about that. But it sure makes sense. It’s useless to go on a weight loss program with a negative attitude. Thanks for sharing your article. I’m actually having an “aha” moment right now:)

  3. Nice article! Thank you! I needed that. I’ve been too busy trying to lose weight. Unfortunately, I’m forgetting the power of the mind.


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