Diets You Should Stay Clear Of

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cabbage-soup-dietI recently came across an article on the six kinds of diet plans you should never try. It was by Julie Upton and it was published here on

It was very interesting and informative. She really took some valuable time to review the “fad diets” and to give people like me, who are desperate to lose some weight, an overview of all the crazy diet plans around.

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Ms. Upton lists the six diets you should never try. They are as follows:

  1. Raw Food diet where you eat food raw in order to preserve the nutrients that is sometimes degraded when you cook them.
  2. HCG Diet where you are encouraged to take in between only 500 – 800 calories per day and this is supplemented by an injection of the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) .
  3. Master Cleanse is a diet that cleanses your body in 10 days by drinking a mixture of squeezed lemons, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper several times a day. This is then followed by a kind of herbal laxative tea at night and a quart of salt water in the morning, to clean out the GI tracts and bowels.
  4. Cabbage soup diet that requires eating an unlimited amount of it for at least seven days.
  5. Ear stapling is based on a theory in acupuncture that stapling a particular area of the ear can regulate your appetite.
  6. Lastly, we have the Breatharian diet where you don’t eat or drink anything. You just breathe in air.

Reading the article reminds me that anybody will do just about anything to lose even just a little bit of weight. As one who struggles to lose weight every so often, I know how tempting some fad diets can be. I would, surely, love to lose some weight in just seven days or even ten days. But it is, definitely, not the safest way to do it. It is best to pay attention to what your body needs to do to successfully lose some weight. Know everything about the diet plan that you would like to follow and read comments of those who have tried it before. Related read: Bistro MD diet can help you lose weight

Losing weight is never easy. As a matter of fact, it is a constant struggle. Get medical advice and try a diet plan that you are comfortable with and stop when you feel something is not right. Ultimately, you are in command of your body. Thus, you are responsible for what goes in it. Related read: How the Diet-To-Go diet can help you lose the pounds

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Have you ever tried any of the fad diets mentioned above? Feel free to share with us your thoughts.


4 thoughts on “Diets You Should Stay Clear Of

  1. No fad diets for me…..that’s a sure way to mess up my metabolism. Diet To Go keeps my metabolism going because I can eat frequently with it. i don’t get hungry at all.

  2. Totally absurd! How can anyone eat raw food every single day? And ear stapling? Come on! There are healthier ways to lose weight. I recommend diet to go.


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