Breaking Away From Diet Rules

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diet-rules-to-lose-weightI just really wish that there was a better and easier way to lose weight. There are just too many rules in dieting. Don’t eat too much carbo. Skip the dessert. Don’t eat meat. It’s all about what NOT to eat. That’s more than enough to scare anyone off.

But is it possible to break away from the some of the diet rules and still lose weight? Can we actually lose weight by breaking the top rules of dieting? An article on Huffington Post says it’s possible.

Rule # 1: Don’t Snack At All. This is one diet rule that really turns me off. It makes me feel so deprived and frustrated. It’s bad enough that my regular meals are limited; it’s even worse that I can’t have any snacks.

But apparently this rule can be broken. We can actually have some snacks in between as long as we snack “responsibly” I guess this explains why a lot of the diet meal delivery programs offer snacks.

Rule # 2: The Only Way To Go Is Fat-Free. I am guilty of this. The minute I get on a diet, I choose everything that’s fat-free. But the thing is I don’t even understand what fat-free is and because of that, I ended up NOT eating anything at all.

Apparently, there are healthy fats that are good for our body. We just need to stay away from foods that have high saturated fats. So breaking this rule shouldn’t hurt at all as long as I choose foods that have healthy fats. Related read: Healthy snacks on Bistro MD diet plan

Rule # 3: Avoid The Bread. Some people really think that break and weight loss don’t fit together. That’s horrible news for someone like me that loves bread. Now the good news is that we can also break this rule so long as we go for the brown and flat breads.

Rule # 4: Stow The Scale. I just one of those people that don’t like weighing scales. I just don’t like weighing myself. It depresses me.

But on the contrary, it’s better to monitor our weight regularly just so we can see our progress. I guess, it’s better to let the #s speak.

Rule # 5: Skip The High-Calorie Foods. While it’s a big help to skip the high-calorie foods, it’s advisable to replace the high-calorie foods with alternatives that are high in protein and fiber.

Rule # 6: Good Bye Eggs. I had always thought that eggs were bad. Of course, I loved eating them but I took them out of my meals the minute I went on a diet. Again, this was dictated by one of the top rules of dieting.

The good news is that we can still eat eggs even if we’re trying to lose weight. We just need to eat them in moderation. Related read: Healthy food preparations at Diet-To-Go

Rule # 7: Water, Water, Water, Water! Drink lots and lots of water and end up going to the toilet. Now, that can a real hassle. But apparently we don’t really need to drink too much water. We can go for the foods that have high water content.

Rule # 8: No More Red Meat. We can break this rule as well. So long as we choose to the right meat cuts.

Rule # 9: Dinner Is The Last Meal. This rule spells starvation. If dinner were the last meal, it would be a long road to the next meal. But that doesn’t have to be the case now. We can also break this rule so long as we go for some healthier options. Related read: Save money with Medifast coupons

Rule # 10: Eat The Daily Dose Of Fruits And Vegetables. This is a challenge for me. I can’t seem to keep track of it. It’s good that we don’t really need to follow this. We just need to make sure that we fill up half of plates with fruits and veggies. No need to be specific.

Rule # 11: No More Desserts. I can never say “no” to that piece of brownie or cake. It’s a good thing that some weight loss delivery programs offer some awesome desserts that can satisfy my sweet tooth.

In closing, I guess there’s no harm in breaking away from the top diet rules as long as I break them the right way.

5 thoughts on “Breaking Away From Diet Rules

  1. It’s good to know that we can actually break these diet rules. But we have to break them smartly. It really isn’t about breaking the rules. It’s a matter of finding better alternatives.

  2. It’s really just a matter of living healthy. The thing is with us, we tend to overdo our diet and reward ourselves for losing weight. If we just live healthy (eat right and exercise) we won’t have to deal with so many rules. We can break and totally ignore all the rules.

  3. Too many rules! I would much rather rely on bistro md where every meal is prepared for me. The last thing I need in a diet program is to follow too many rules!

  4. hahahahaha! Is there really such a thing as breaking the rule the right way:) but I do agree with you that some diet rules are awfully too d—- tight!


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